© 2014 RailMaster Hobbies Trak Works CDs TW-05 - Santa Fe 3751; The Glory of Steam. Enjoy the rare treat of this popular locomotive challenging the mountain grades and mainlines of California as well as the reverberant tree-lined trackage near the Grand Canyon. Spectacular pass-bys, pacing alongside, and in the cab. 72 minutes. $16.95 TW-04 - Union Pacific Challenger 3985.                                 Feel the power of the largest operating steam locomotive in the world.  Among the many spectacular pass-by recordings are three in-the-cab perspectives, and an audio "tour" of some of the operating features. 27 tracks of pure steam power. $16.95 TW-02 - Rolling Thunder over Cumbres Pass.           Listen to the nostalgic  sounds of the vintage 1920's narrow gauge steam locomotives of the Rio Grande as they challenge the steep grade of the Cumbres Pass; their barking exhaust and melodious whistles echoing off the distant tree-lined hills. Follow along on the 8-panel fold-out color map with thumbnail photographs and descriptions. 28 tracks, over 1 hour. $16.95 TW-03 - The Sounds of Riding Trains. Hang on tight as you ride between two boxcars at 50 mph, a coach vestibule at 70 mph, in the cab of a Santa Fe GP35 diesel, in a baggage car and more - entirely over vintage "clickty-clack" track.  Over 60 minutes. $16.95 Santa Fe Hi-Level paper interior design kits Note: There is limited availably on the Hi-level kits, some items out of stock until mid-late Aug.  Passenger car window shades Stitched pull TW-1101 - Green exterior, green interior - $14.95 TW-1102 - Brown exterior, red interior - $14.95 TW-1103 - Dark Silver exterior, red interior - $14.95 TW-1104 - Silver exterior, red interior - $14.95 Solid pull TW-1106 - Silver exterior, red interior - $14.95 TW-1105 - Silver exterior, tan interior - $14.95 TW-1107 - Silver exterior, tan interior - $14.95 TW-1108 - Green tint/silver exterior, red interior - $14.95 TW-1109 - Green tint/silver exterior, tan interior - $14.95
Click on an image to enlarge and click on it again to reduce TW-06 - SPEED AND POWER; Amazing Train Sounds. Experience the thrill of a speeding train passing inches from your ears, or a steam locomotive blasting out of a tunnel directly beneath you! Feel the thundering sounds of a set of diesel locomotives charging up a hill with a heavy freight train or a passenger train ripping by at 90mph! Includes steam engines, diesels, cab rides, on boards, pass-bys and more. Great for kids. Over 70 minutes; 34 tracks. $16.95 
Trak Works Santa Fe Hi-Level interior kits are currently unavailable but may become available again in the future. What?! Dogs on the railroad? You bet!  Meet a pup who’s footloose and fancy-free with no name or family. While enjoying a walk about the neighborhood, he meets some furry friends and realizes he’s missing something— the thrill of a ride. So begins his adventure, searching for the perfect ride… but look out for the dog catcher! A harrowing escape leads him to the railroad tracks where he finds something even better!Train fans and animal lovers alike will enjoy this beautifully illustrated story of a lovable and courageous pup as he learns about trains and the value of belonging. $20.95