© 2014 RailMaster Hobbies TCS A Series N Scale Decoders ASD4 - For Atlas GP-7, GP-9, GP-30 and GP-35on board current limiting circuit for LEDs - $39.16 AMD4 - For Atlas GP-38, RS11, Dash 840 B, Dash 840 BW, C628, C630, B23-7, B30-7, B36-7 DCC ready versions of GP-40, GP-40-2, SD-7, SD-9, SD-35 Train Master, U25B with on board current limiting circuit - $39.16 ALD4 - For Atlas SD-50 and SD-60 locomotives with current limiting circuit for LEDs - $39.16 MP15N - For Atlas MP-15 locomotives - $39.16 VO1000 - For Atlas V01000 - $39.16